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Massage Therapy in Detroit

Facilitating Your Health and Recovery

Many injuries that result from auto accidents such as concussions, neck discomfort, back pain and joint injuries can be effectively treated with professional massage therapy. From increasing your range of motion to complete daily tasks to realigning your vertebrae, chiropractic care can address the source of many injuries and make everyday life easier.

Reduce Stress. Reduce Pain.

Professional massage therapy aids your recovery from accidents in many ways. It can improve circulation, range of motion as well as balance to your nervous system. These benefits can reduce pressure and strain on your injured tissues. That’s why Pain Stop MD in Oak Park, Michigan, has a certified massage therapist on staff, available to correctly diagnose your symptoms and provide relief in the areas you need it most.

Your Safety Is First

We create a safe environment for you during the recovery process that reduces stress and hassle from your life. The last thing you need after an accident is a source of additional anxiety, and all too often, treatment centers do not provide the personal care you need.

We have a different approach at Pain Stop MD. We listen to you concerns, diagnose your particular symptoms, identify the source of pain, offer specialized services and discuss your options with you. We want you to be comfortable with the medical care you receive and be confident that your doctors are giving you the attention that you deserve.

Massages Tailored to You

There are many massage techniques that we use to treat different areas and target sensitive and damaged tissues. These include orthopedic massage, craniosacral massage, deep tissue pressure and muscle energy technique to address various musculoskeletal issues.

Car accidents are all different, and so are the injuries that they cause. You should have medical assistance and treatments that are personalized to your pain, condition and circumstances. This is the best and only way you can be sure to recover as quickly as possible. We’re here for you.

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Massage Therapy