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Chiropractors You Can Trust in Detroit

Immediate and Lasting Help

Auto accident cause you pain? Spontaneous and frequent discomfort along your spine? That old sports injury acting up again? Discomfort that you associate with aging?

Pain is not inevitable. You can choose well-being even for issues that have been affecting you for years.

All too often, we meet patients who have managed pain for months, even decades, without seeking professional medical advice or effective treatments. But after an accident like an auto collision, if you do not seek immediate medical attention, serious consequences can result.

Your lifestyle and comfort are worth getting to the source of an issue. Many times back and neck pain can be addressed with personalized therapies that provide immediate relief and lasting improvements to your quality of life.

Effective Solutions and Friendly Advice

The good news about neuromuscular disorders is that most can be treated with correct diagnoses. We specialize in in-house diagnostics and providing relief for neck and back aches, disc injuries, spinal disc injuries and pain management.

The relationship between the nervous system and your spine is complex, and professional chiropractic care works to restore the structural integrity of the spinal column and reduce pressure on sensitive tissues.

Holistic Treatments for Your Spine

Pain Stop MD has many advantages over stand-alone chiropractors because we offer a comprehensive range of treatments including massage, radiology, physical therapy, medication and lab services. We examine your individual symptoms and tailor the right mix of treatments to address your specific sources of irritation for enduring alleviation and rest.

Our team also provides advice on lifestyle factors that influence back pain such as nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, sleeping patterns and other habits.

Get the Best Care

With our 6,000 square-foot facility, state-of-the-art equipment, in-house services and 25 years of experience, we are your preferred back and neck pain treatment experts. Our team is ready for your call and to help you find the freedom from pain you have been looking for.

Chiropractors You Can Trust